VI RACCONTO LA VERA STORIA DEL DOTTOR LASER, the new book about Pierfrancesco Parra


Doctor Laser
assists the Italian team
at the Olympic Games


20 years of research, to get from laser surgery to the new methodology "Doctor Laser" ... and the evolution goes on


Among the first to benefit from the new methodology of Doctor Laser, famous names of athletics ...


Skiers, basketball players and football ...


Today "Doctor Laser" care many athletes, including tennis players

The "Doctor Laser" new methodology is patented by Prof. P. F. Parra who, after years of intense experimentation in the field of sports injury, has developed a new high-power laser at 3 wavelengths and subsequent developments.

Gelindo Bordin (Olympic and World Champion of marathon): among the first athletes to be treated with the new method of the Doctor Laser

Alberto Tomba, ski champion

Prof. Pier Francesco Parra holds the position of Medical Director of the Center FIT (Italian Tennis Federation) and the National Teams of Davis and Fed Cup and Olympic preparation.

"Manu Medica"

Professor Parra personally performs all treatments because the outcome depends on the combination of:
-Specialized medical experience gained in over 30 years;
- Cutting edge technology always tuning by the same professor.

A new methodology

The Doctor Laser therapy is a new instrumental method of laser surgical origin, characterized by: high power, multi-frequency, simultaneity of the emission of the three wavelengths, elevate penetration in the tissues, extraordinary ductility and handiness.

Therapeutic indications

Main treatable pathologies with Doctor Laser : tendinous lesions, muscular lesions, ligamentous lesions, articular lesions, meniscopathy, discopathies, stress originated micro-fractures...

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