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Doctor Laser

The importance of Manu Medica

Prof. Parra personally performed all treatments because the new methodology Doctor Laser  is based on the binomial equipment-operator that works "manu medica".
In other words, the treatment only performs the Doctor Laser.

The new methodology Doctor Laser

The innovative Doctor Laser method that the prof. Parra has developed since 1988, is a third way for discopathy, muscular pathologies, ligaments and tendons, useful when traditional physical therapies are not effective and if you want to avoid surgery. In short, a surgical derivation intervention, which however does not cut. No scalpel, but several sessions of micro applications with the laser.

Doctor Laser: the history

More than 30 years of research and experimentation took place, to arrive from the surgical laser to the FP3 system, but the evolution did not stop and in the following years new and more efficient machinery and methodologies were developed. Let's briefly review the history of these scientific innovations.