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Elisabetta Parra

Dr. Elisabetta Parra born in Genova on October 31, 1991. 
She received her degree in Medicine and Surgery at the University of Pisa on October 17, 2017, with the highest grades.

Aggregate member of the Italian Sports Medicine Federation (FMSI), SIUMB musculoskeletal sonographer, member of the Scientific Commission of the Italian Tennis Federation, and holds the position of Doctor of the national team of FED CUP.

Her commitment, thanks to laser therapy, is aimed not only at professional and amateur athletes but also at anyone who needs Doctor Laser therapy.

Her work also stands out in the field of scientific research and her modus operandi evolves with the constant innovation of new methods and laser equipment.


Manu Medica

Dr. Elisabetta Parra personally performs all the treatments herself because the new Doctor Laser methodology is based on the combination of equipment and operator that works "manu medica.”



Author of several scientific publications. Learn more about her work in international scientific journals.