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Sport traumas

Osseus lesion

They are a group of frequent pathologies in sports traumatology.

Periostitis: with this term, we indicate the inflammations that involve the covering structure of the bone.

Osteitis and osteochondritis: with these terms we indicate the inflammatory pathologies against the osseous structures (osteitis) that sometimes get complicated with a concomitant cartilaginous implication (osteo chondritis).

Infraction and fractures: they are traumatic osseous interruptions, from the smallest degrees to complete detachments.They can be caused by mechanisms that act because of direct and indirect traumatisms, and finally also because of a weakening of the osseous structure itself.

Stress originated micro-fractures: the continuous repetition of some sports gestures can involve the beginning of a specific pathology defined “functional overload pathology” or “micro-traumatisms pathology”, to underline the origin of these pathologies, due to an almost infinite series of micro traumas. In case of implication of the articular cartilaginous tissue, we can have real erosions. In case of osseous implication we move from an initial phase of “interosseous and/or intratrabecularedema” to the “stress-originated micro fracture”.

Interosseous and intratrabecular edema: with this term we can characterize that initial forms of load-due pathology that afterwards can result in real stress-generated micro fractures.